Sitting at home one wet afternoon, and working on my plans for 2011, it occured to me that in just a short time, a small number of my cats have already made a significant contribution to other Siberian breeding programmes here in the UK.
As a thankyou I have created this showcase website to my friends and their cats...

the Witchfyre cats...

In the beginning.....
Our first pedigree cat arrived in 2005, a lovely blue Abyssinian, who sadly is no longer with us. Our first Siberian cat arrived in 2006. Before this I bred and showed Alaskan Malamute dogs, with some success at Crufts! After a knee injury I decided a less strenuous hobby was required and our first Siberian cat arrived in 2006. We still have the mals and occationally breed, my husband is now trying out the working side, sledding!
Silkiestar Mikada (Elsa) was pick of the litter and I showed her with some promise, but travelling was not her thing and after trying many different approaches decided it was all too stressful for both of us!! Her father is the lovely Vnatchock D'Artannes and through this I was introduced to Cecile who has given me the most gorgeous boy CH (FIFe) Belphegor D'Artannes who is the cornerstone of our little cattery. Together they produced the excellent "Witchfyre Belenus", who was gifted to Lorraine Brown's Koolblue Siberian Cattery. After a short and sucessful show career his first kittens arrived in 2008.
The same year we bought Koolblue Hester a grand daughter of one of the first Siberian boys brought into the UK CH Andokajas Shalimar II. She produced Witchfyre Aria in 2008, BIV NOM Leeds 2008.
Koolblue Nemesis and Tiggytkes Lulabelle followed in 2007. Lullabelle produced Witchfyre Behemoth, Best Kitten in two rings TICA Elescar 2008. Nemesis produced her only girl so far in 2008, "Witchfyre Trinity", who now lives with Denise at Sapphirensteel.
In 2009 Aria produced two stunning blue point Neva Masquerade Siberians, Witchfyre Elijah who lives with us here at Witchfyre and "Witchfyre Elena"who is a third foundation female and first Neva for Druzhina Siberians.
Next year we have two new breeders waiting in anticipation....

You can read about the individual Witchfyre cats and the catterys they have gone to by clicking the "Cats" links

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If you would like to know more about Witchfyre, see the many beautiful Siberians we have and future kitten availability, click the Witchfyre link here...




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